While many people have heard the expression “Don’t mess with Texas,” the attitude of the residents of this state is actually very friendly and relaxed.  Legal recruitment in Texan cities is booming as the national economy strengthens, so there is no better time than now to consider relocating to one of the many metro areas. Our attorney headhunters at Kinney Recruiting have been placing people in this southern locale for quite some time, and we have compiled a list of facts about Texas that new residents should study.


If there is one thing that Texans love, it is the history of their state. A good way to break the ice with new colleagues or friends is through a discussion about Texas’ past. Virtually every resident knows the story of the Alamo in San Antonio or the heroes of the Texas Revolution.  Brush up on your regional history before moving in case the opportunity to discuss it ever comes up.


Football is a huge part of the culture in Texas, and this is not just limited to the two NFL teams that call the state home. The incredible popularity of high school football here was the basis for the television show “Friday Night Lights,”  and college teams are also vehemently supported by local citizens. If you need to take clients out for a casual meeting, a football game will be the perfect way to play to their tastes.

Urban vs. Suburban

While cities like Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are among the largest in the United States, Texas is a huge state – there are many small towns and miles of open space.  Living downtown in one of the larger cities is just like living anywhere else in the country, but all have suburbs with a diverse range of atmosphere and culture.  West Austin and San Antonio provide beautiful hill country with stunning vistas.  Dallas is surrounded by numerous lakes for the water-lover.  Houston sports piney woods, bayous, and the nearby Texas coast.  Of course, all have charming small farming and ranching towns within an easy commute if you desire a change of pace.  If you need help, our expert legal recruiters can guide you in the right direction.


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