The search for legal recruitment can send a candidate looking far and wide, and one of the hottest destinations for lawyers right now is Texas. This southwestern state is home to numerous firms specializing in just about every area of law, but sometimes it can be hard to narrow a search down to a particular metro area.

Our attorney headhunters have identified the following cities as prime real estate for legal professionals, so give us a call to learn more about job opportunities in these top cities.


Houston is the largest city in Texas, and is located in the southeast section of the state.  The energy sector here is one of the largest in the United States, and many major companies like Sysco and Marathon Oil call this city home.  If you have experience in the oil and gas industry, Houston should be a top priority.   Corporate work is just as prevalent, with sophisticated international deals being handled on a daily basis.

Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas has a history of being a major cultural center of Texas, with many museums and a thriving music scene.  The burgeoning economy of neighboring Fort Worth has added to the flourishing business atmosphere.  Major corporations here include AT&T, Southwest Airlines and Texas Instruments.  Corporate and Energy work is prominent, but there is a diverse range of bankruptcy, litigation, and immigration work handled in the city.

San Antonio

San Antonio sits near the geographic center of Texas, and it is no wonder that the city attracts employers from all over the world. As with Houston, energy, specifically oil and gas, is huge here, but there are also a substantial markets for labor and employment, healthcare, and litigation.


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